Monday, June 7, 2021

A Note about Typography

I use specific typography to indicate specific special meaning for certain words, phrases and strings. Hopefully, this will help make things clearer when I write about various things on this site.

Italic is used for:

  • Email Addresses
  • Uniform Resources Locators (URLs)
  • Program Names
  • Protocol Commands
  • Filename and directory pathnames

Constant width is used for:

  • Computer output in examples and text
  • Source code examples

Constant width bold is used for:

  • Program invocation commands (e.g. what you would type at a command prompt)

Bold is used for:

  • indicating a system login

Bold Italic is used for:

  • indicating an application specific login

Note that I vary from this when the topic of a particular post is not technical and none of these conventions are useful.

Welcome to My Blog

 This post was adapted from my 2011 Site. I have updated to 2021. Enjoy.

About me:

Professionally, I have been involved in working with Internet-based technologies since I started my first job in the profession as a Computer Systems Administrator back in 1984. So, I have been involved in the evolution what people think of as The Internet today from the ARPANET and its siblings (e.g. CSNET, BITNET, etc.) into the NSFNET and then into the commercial Internet we have today. I have worked as a consultant as well as a regular employee in a large multinational companies (NTT,Alphabet[Google and Google Fiber]), smaller domestic companies (The Planet, Verio) and non-profits (Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University).

I have worked on migrations and consolidation of POPs, establishing interconnect facilities for telcos in data centers, integration of mail systems, DNS and USENET news, deployment of different authentication architectures (RADIUS, TACACS, LDAP and Active Directory along with token-based systems), PCI DSS compliance, establishing SAS 70 controls (Type I) and testing of operational effectiveness (Type II) and more traditional IT-oriented activities (helpdesk operations, change management, nightly batch job management, etc.). I have done resource planning for both networks and data centers. I have also become an advocate for the use of IPv6 in the Internet (see for more). I have it deployed on my home network and use IPv6 every day.

Thanks for visiting and come back often!

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