Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Cutting The Cord with Xfinity

I have finally cut the cord with Xfinity after more that 15 years as a customer first of the Comcast Cable TV service when they swapped markets (DFW/Houston) with Time Warner Cable in 2007, adding Internet and then cutting Cable TV and finally dropping the Internet service all together.  I also used them in both Atlanta and Mountain View when I spent time living there. As with many subscribers, the cable TV service was bundled in such a way that there were many channels my wife and I never watched. And, it cost a lot.  The Internet service also cost a lot until other options became available (fiber providers like Google Fiber and others cost much less per Megabit). Today, they are faced with challenges from wireless providers like T-Mobile, Verizon and even  AT&T. I use T-Mobile 5G Home Internet today. More on how I use it will come in another blog post. Ultimately, Xfinity deployed more speed and improved support for customers owning their own equipment (as I do) and was an early supporter of IPv6 for dual stack support at home. However, my main problem with the Xfinity Internet service was how geolocation failed to work properly when I watched MLB.TV. I realize that geolocation is a thorny problem, but I know that other services I tested  (T-Mobile and Verizon are two) have the same problem that I could not get reliably solved when using Xfinity. You can look geolocation problems up in the Xfinity community forums or do a Google search if you want to know more. I am happy to try them again the future once it is clear these problems have been fixed for good. 

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